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VapourPhase Ω

Oxford Vacuum Science's VapourPhase Ω is a DN 100ISO-K / NW 100CF-F mounted, resistively heated thermal evaporator incorporating a compact, high current on-board power supply with up to six sequentially switched source clamp sets. Various accessories such as individual source shutters, close coupled deposition monitor heads etc. are easily added to the modular design.

on-board power

VapourPhase Ω thermal evaporator power supply

flexible 'power rail ' mounting system

flexible access to high current power:
  • parallel water-cooled live and neutral power rails allow easy access to high current power at any point along power rail axis

  • additional 12V live power rail easily added

  • configurable power rail length can be tailored to the requirements of your system . . .
  • . . . through choice of DN 100ISO-K or NW 100CF-F mounting flanges

  • rotary source switch and integrated shutter, and 900A (live & neutral) and 200A
    power rail feedthroughs

  • integrated NW 40CF-F flange for factory fit instrumentation options

modular source clamp design

configurable interlinking sequentially switched source clamping system

four standard width evaporation source clamp sets

To find out more about Oxford Vacuum Science's deposition source range e-mail us at technology@oxford-vacuum.com.

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