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Substrate platen features & options

Oxford Vacuum Science's substrate platens support a range of features and options, such as all in one substrate level solutions including shutter and deposition monitor for smaller substrates and substrate rotation for greater deposition uniformity over larger substrates. Standard features and options are listed in the table below, whilst other variations may be available on request. Note that not all options are compatible. Contact OVS for more details.

SP 95 Sub θ SPX
recommended for NanoSphere 3 NanoSphere 4 PicoSphere
platen size /mm 95 140 190 240 95
max substrate Ø 78mm /3" 118mm /4⅝" 168mm /6⅝" 218mm /8⅝" 78mm /3"
substrate rotation
removeabe substrate mounting plate contact OVS
number of clamps 4 4 8 8 4
water cooling contact OVS contact OVS contact OVS option
halogen radiative backside heating contact OVS
contact OVS
max substrate temperature contact OVS 475°C 475°C 475°C contact OVS
integrated substrate shutter contact OVS
integrated deposition monitor head contact OVS

*   higher power ratings subject to size and availability of 60W halogen bulbs

To find out more about Oxford Vacuum Science's substrate platen range e-mail us at

Oxford Vacuum Science Ltd
18 Enstone Road
Middle Barton

tel: +44 (0) 7495 463875

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