VapourPhase Ω VapourPhase Ω -
  high performance thermal evaporation

miniature eb

vacuum platforms NanoSphere bench-top high vacuum platform

deposition sources VapourPhase Ω -
  high performance thermal evaporation

substrate platens substrate platens

accessories system components

VapourPhase Ω accessories

a range of accessories for use with VapourPhase Ω thermal evaporator and miniature eb sources when used in conjunction with VapourPhase Ω:

removeable radiation baffles

polished sheet stainless steel inserts for improved efficiency and ease of cleaning

individual source shutters

sequentially switched shutters close coupled to each source

individual 'rate-ramp' monitors

low level quartz crystal monitor heads to individually monitor output from each evaporation source

To find out more about Oxford Vacuum Science's deposition sources and accessories e-mail us at

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